Get That Future Lab: Futures Literacy Program for Youth

We are proud to announce we have finally launched the The Get That Future Lab: Futures Literacy Program for Youth, which we have been developing together with the mobile learning company Funzi. The program is a blended learning program for educational institutions for youth, namely high schools and vocational institutions. It has been constructed to leverage mobile learning to make traditional classroom training more scalable and effective.

The Get That Future Lab has been constructed to address the pressing challenges of the rapidly changing 21st century where the future often seems uncertain and difficult to get a hold of. The program has been designed especially for youth, providing them tools to think openly about the future, to seize opportunities and to find their own potential. The program focuses on building futures literacy skills and a growth mindset in order for youth to grow into proactive global citizens and change makers in their own communities.

The Get That Future Lab consists of a mobile course, at-home exercises and classroom sessions. Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in trialing the course.

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