Futures Education

During the first phase (2016-2018) of the Chair we are developing tools for futures education in upper secondary schools (young people approximately 15-19 years old) that can be utilized worldwide. This toolkit for futures education is developed with the 25 years of experience that Finland Futures Research Centre holds in futures education and in co-creation with our partners in the educational sector.

We aim at providing easy-to-use tools for teachers in upper secondary education to integrate futures pedagogy into their daily teaching.

The overall objective is to empower young people by providing intellectual tools to:

  • think critically and creatively about existing realities
  • understand connections, correlations and complexity of things, events and decisions
  • understand the variety of possible futures
  • understand one’s own actorship and responsibility in influencing the future
  • create trust for own possibilities and gain self-knowledge
  • manage the uncertainty and complexity of the 21st century world

The teacher’s toolkit is currently being developed and piloted with our partners in Finland. We will share some of the tools on our website later during the year 2018. If you want to learn more already now, feel free to contact us!

In the meanwhile, check out the futures guidance material, methods and tools previously developed at Finland Futures Research Centre: Futures Guidance