​Finland Futures Research Centre and Funzi join forces in futures literacy mobile course for youth

Press release

The Get that future mobile course is developed based on the 25 years of experience that Finland Futures Research Centre, at the University of Turku, Finland holds in futures education. It delivers the benefits of latest research and best practices swiftly to large target audiences using mobile learning.The course has been created as part of the operations of the UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education.

The Get that future mobile course comprises of the basics of foresight and futures thinking, such as perceptions of time and change, perception of alternative futures, self-awareness, and sustainable citizenship in the midst of global megatrends and a changing world. In alignment with the 21st century skills, this includes developing futures literacy, meaning foresight thinking, a proactive mindset for the future, and personal resilience. These support the success of the individual in the future working life as well as more broadly in different areas of life.

The course can be used either as a self-standing mobile course or as a tool to support classroom teaching, as part of a blended learning model. Pilot organizations during spring 2018 include the Finnish partner high schools of UNESCO Chair, with rapid international expansion planned for fall 2018.

“In the complex and uncertain 21st century world, we all need futures literacy as our individual navigation tool. The empowering starting point is that the future always lies open ahead of us – it is not fixed or inevitable destiny. It is our own actions and decisions in the present that shape how the future will start unfolding,” comments UNESCO professor Markku Wilenius.

Funzi and the UNESCO Chair share the mission of increasing well-being and positive socio-economic development globally. “We at Funzi are excited to create impactful partnerships across sectors to achieve our goals of providing quality learning to everyone. We are equally excited that through this partnership, we can learn more on how mobile learning can best support the official education sector: teachers and students in classrooms,” emphasizes Funzi CEO and Founder, Tero Salonen.

The partnership and pilot launch of the course is announced today at the Education Experience Lab opening at the Finnish National Agency for Education. The lab will circulate education export delegations to Finland and give them an opportunity to get acquainted with the Finnish education system and educational products.

UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education was granted to the University of Turku for its long tradition and pioneering work in the field of futures research by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO. The Chair aims to utilize tools of futures research to eradicate poverty and increase well-being in the developing countries. This mission is carried out through research, education and development activities focusing on global capacity building for futures literacy.

Funzi is an award-winning mobile learning service from Finland that makes learning accessible to everyone – free for the end user. Funzi is a content-agnostic delivery platform for learning, enabling our customers to reach and teach their target groups easily and cost-effectively. Funzi’s service delivers a learning experience specifically designed for mobile that produces similar behavioral and usage patterns as mobile games. The service is available directly at www.funzi.mobi.
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